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A leading Faculty in a world-class city

Of North America’s major cities, none is more European than Montreal

  • Named by Lonely Planet as one of the best student cities in the world
  • Classed among the cities that offer the highest quality of living in the world, notably because of its affordable housing, incomparable cultural diversity and multiple award-winning design and architecture
  • Classed among the safest cities in Canada
  • Considered as a transport hub, located close to Quebec City, Ottawa and Toronto and very close to the Canadian-American border (New York State and New England)

Live and study at Université de Montréal

Studying at Université de Montréal also means living in a cosmopolitan North American city with a pronounced European identity. Much appreciated for its distinctive hybrid culture, Montreal offers a socially stimulating environment where students can enjoy cultural experiences that will complement their intellectual development.

The campus, located on the flanks of Mont Royal, is in the heart of the student quarter and only a few subway stations away from the dynamic downtown core. There is instant appeal in both the multiple housing options on offer and the effective public transport system.

Over the years, Montreal has produced numerous international stars, ranging from Arcade Fire and Cirque du Soleil to Leonard Cohen and Céline Dion. The city regularly plays host to several festivals and exhibitions and is visited by dance troupes of international renown. Those with more classical tastes will certainly appreciate performances by the illustrious Montreal Symphonic Orchestra or a visit to the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, while more adventurous spirits will feel right at home on Montreal’s indie music scene.