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Currently, the Faculty hosts eight research chairs. These chairs are often the result of a partnership with a private partner who, through a donation, wishes to advance research in a particular domain. Recipients include distinguished researchers, interns and students who have proposed research topics that are both promising and innovative. Each chair makes a significant contribution to the national and international reputation of the Faculty of Law.

Canada Research Chair in North American and Comparative Juridical and Cultural Identities

Canada Research Chair in Collaborative Culture in Health and Law Policy

Notarial Chair

Jean-Louis Baudouin Chair in Civil Law

L. R. Wilson Chair in e-Commerce Law and Information Technology

Chair in Governance and Business Law

Jean Monnet Chair in European Union Law

LexUM Chair in Legal Information


Each year, the Faculty can award 40+ prizes for excellence to our most deserving students. Mostly targeting undergraduate students, these prizes recognize a student’s superior university performance on an academic level and for involvement in paralegal activities. Thanks to the generosity of more than 20 private donors and law firms, in 2015-2016, the Faculty awarded 39 prizes to 26 students in the Faculty. In total, $23,500 was awarded to exceptional students, providing them with the financial support needed to make their studies a success.


For the 2015-2016 school year, the Faculty proudly distributed 49 scholarships—representing a total of $171,850, all financed by donors—to our most deserving students.  Thanks to the generosity of more than 30 donors and law firms, students were able to apply for a greater number of scholarships, created to reward excellence in university studies or for involvement in non-academic activities, to alleviate financial burden or increase student mobility. When you donate to an existing scholarship fund or even create a new one, you are directly contributing to student success!