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Andrée-Anne Bolduc

LL.D. candidate, Constitutional Law

LL.D. candidate at the Faculty of Law, Andrée-Anne Bolduc was awarded a 2015 Political Book Prize by the Legislative Assembly of Quebec. Indeed, Mrs. Bolduc was presented with an award from Fondation Jean-Charles Bonenfant for her master’s thesis at Université Laval, Ces parlementaires qui en disent trop? La conciliation de la liberté de parole des parlementaires et du droit à la dignité des citoyens en droit comparé [Parliamentarians who speak too much: parliamentarians’ freedom of speech and citizens’ rights to dignity in comparative law].

Under the supervision of Professor Jean-François Gaudreault-Desbiens, Mrs. Bolduc is pursuing doctoral research on the regulatory systems controlling the behaviour of politicians and their interactions with the rights and privileges arising from the democratic principle.