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The University of Montreal (U of M) is committed to continuously promote and improve the accessibility of its websites, facilitating their consultation by any person, disabled or not.

Although not subject to the Standard on the accessibility of a website (SGQRI 008-01) of the Government of Quebec, this site aims at complying to these standards whenever possible.

Be assured that the University of Montreal remains sensitive to all accessibility issues.

Programming and technologies

This site uses the HTML5 markup language and the JavaScript programming language. it also uses style sheets (CSS) to separate content from presentation. It was developed using the Typo3 content management system.

Structure and presentation

  • Pages are structured using hierarchical levels of reading.
  • High contrast is used between the text and the background to allow comfortable reading.
  • No frame is used in the site.
  • Use of tables in content presentation is limited.
  • Any image considered as informational is accompanied by a text equivalent.
  • No light fluctuation or no flicker whose rhythm is greater than three times per second is used in animations.


  • Navigation mechanisms are coherent throughout the site.
  • The main menu of the site is usable without JavaScript and is tagged using list items.
  • Links to external pages (pages outside the site) that are set to open in a new tab are designated as such with a specific icon.
  • Both the arrow keys or the tab key can be used to navigate within a page.
  • No page refresh nor context switch is done automatically (i.e. without user request).
  • No keyboard shortcut is integrated within a page.


If you need help while browsing this site, if you cannot access certain content using computer adaptive technology, or if you have trouble filling out a form on this site, we invite you to contact us by email (, describing the problem in details so we can correct the situation as soon as possible.