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Life in the Faculty of Law

A Source of Everlasting Memories

Student life certainly plays an important part in the university experience because it gives graduates a strong sense of belonging to their faculty. Immediately in their first year, students start building close ties with one another and can exercise leadership with respect to the student association and other university and social committees. The lessons learned extend far beyond the classroom.

Students of the Faculty are grouped into two associations, the Association des étudiants en droit à l'Université de Montréal[1] (AED), for undergraduates, and the Association des cycles supérieurs en droit[2] (ACSED), for graduates and postgraduates. Both these associations are members of the Fédération des associations étudiantes du campus de l'Université de Montréal[3] (FAÉCUM). Furthermore, the members of their respective boards of directors sit on the council of the Faculty as well as on its other committees.

[1] Université de Montréal Law Students’ Association

[2] Graduate and Postgraduate Law Students’ Association

[3] Federation of Student Associations of the Université de Montréal Campus

ACSED – Association des cycles supérieurs en droit

The Association des cycles supérieurs en droit (ACSED) accompanies students who choose to pursue graduate or postgraduate studies at the Faculty of Law. The ACSED’s mission is to cement ties between its members through various social and university-based activities, as well as to represent them in their dealings with various university authorities, by defending and promoting their rights and interests.

For more information, please visit the ACSED website (in French).

Virtual tour of the Faculty

Visit the Maximilien-Caron Pavillon où se situe la Faculté of Law is located as well as all the campuses of the University of Montreal.

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