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Continuing education

Mandatory continuing education is an important part of the career path of legal professionals who practice law in Québec. The Barreau du Québec and the Chambre des notaires requires that every member take 30 hours of training per two-year reference period.

The Faculty’s education activities include all training of our legal professionals – knowledge acquired before they joined the Faculty of Law, during their formal education, and during their professional lives.

By participating in continuing education for alumni, the Faculty maintains a connection with them. Particularly during the school year, the Faculty regularly offers free or low-cost training, the details of which are found in our monthly continuing education newsletter and in the catalogue of our activities on

Logistics for scientific activities

Les Rendez-vous juridiques 2020-2021 Logo

New conference cycle

Les Rendez-vous juridiques

Inaugurated in fall 2015, “Les Rendez-vous juridiques” offers a monthly series of conferences to enable graduates to fulfill their continuing education requirements and to network. The goal is to form close ties with graduates, particularly those who have just started their careers, increasing the feeling of belonging among Faculty alumni.

Resources persons

Pierre Lesage

Pierre Lesage


Tel. : 514 343-2160

Pierre Lesage

Office A-7456

Nancy Houle


Tel. : 514 343-7389

Nancy Houle

Office A-7460


For all the information, consult the Continuing Education catalog (in French).