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International Agreements

The Université de Montréal and the Faculty of Law are party to a vast range of academic agreements that enable students to pursue their education at over 600 institutions in some 50 countries. Whether it takes the form of an exchange program with the law faculty of another institution, a foreign university with which the Université de Montréal has entered into an agreement, or a multilateral program agreement, we offer a wide spectrum of opportunities to our students.

Sectorial agreements [in French]

Multilateral agreements [in French]

BCI (CRÉPUQ) Student Exchange Programs (SEP)

Services offered to international students

The internationalization of the Université de Montréal and the Faculty of Law is a process in which we have already been engaged for several years. As expected, the University offers numerous services to international students in order to facilitate their academic, cultural and social integration.

Resources and services

Scholarship directory [in French: allows for a search of scholarships - stipulate "étudiant étranger" [foreign student] in the "statut au Canada" field]

Bureau des étudiants internationaux (Services and information aimed at foreign students)

Maison internationale (de l'information généraliste sur les échanges et différents services offerts aux étudiants) [in French]

Student Exchange Program - Guide for Incoming Students (Information on international exchanges and programs offered by the University)