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Research Fellowships

Help advance research and contribute to the furthering of knowledge

The Université de Montréal’s Faculty of Law offers students from a foreign university the opportunity to undertake research training at this institution.

A candidate who is accepted will be supervised by a Faculty research director.  Such candidate will thus be able to take advantage of the facilities offered to professors and doctoral students by the Direction des bibliothèques[Library Services] and the Technologies de l’information (TI) [IT Services].

Visit the Études supérieures et postdoctorales (ESP) website


Doctoral student from another university wishing to undertake a research fellowship at the Faculty of Law

In an effort to promote the dissemination of knowledge and to demonstrate solidarity with the academic community in Canada and in other countries, the Faculty of Law regularly receives doctoral students from other universities for research fellowships. The duration of such fellowships varies, depending on the needs of the doctoral candidates, although they rarely exceed one academic term.

Visiting research fellows may, on request and under certain conditions, be granted borrowing privileges at the Law Faculty Library.

Visiting research fellows assume the travel and accommodation costs.

Applying for a research fellowship in the Faculty of Law is simple. Please visit the Études supérieures et postdoctales website.

Professor from another university wishing to undertake a research fellowship at the Faculty of Law

The Faculty of Law regularly hosts professors wishing to conduct research fellowships from all over the world. The duration of such fellowships varies depending on the needs of the guest professors and the Faculty’s ability to meet those needs.

Guest professors may access a workspace within the Faculty (including access to standard legal databases), provided such a workspace is available. If their stay lasts more than three weeks, they may request borrowing privileges at the Law Faculty Library.

Guest professors assume their own travel and accommodation costs. They do not assume teaching duties within the Faculty, unless they are here as visiting professors (see below).

To promote intellectual exchanges and the integration of guest professors into the Faculty community, we request those whose stay in the Faculty is expected to last more than three weeks to present their recent work, either in the form of an informal workshop or a seminar, as the case may dictate. This presentation can be done in French or in English. If applicable, guest professors are encouraged to submit an article based on their presentation to the Revue juridique Thémis de l’Université de Montréal.

Applying for a research fellowship in the Faculty of Law is simple. Please communicate with Mrs Elitsa Nikolova, directing your application to the attention of the Associate Dean, Research and International Affairs, Mrs Renée-Claude Drouin. Briefly describe the research project to be conducted (wholly or partially) at the Faculty together with the intended dates of the fellowship, and attach a current C.V.

There is no deadline for applications as requests are processed on a continuous basis, although it is recommended that you contact the Faculty as soon as possible to secure a place during the desired period.

Please note that should there be an extraordinary demand for guest professorships, priority consideration will be given to professors whose research areas complement Faculty interests and that are most closely aligned with research being conducted by professors in the Faculty of Law, or whose work presents opportunities to partner with particular institutions.

The Associate Dean for Research is responsible for hosting guest professors, for assigning them a workspace, if applicable, and for arranging borrowing privileges at the library.

Visiting Professors

The Faculty regularly invites professors from other universities in Canada and abroad to assume teaching and directorship duties, to conduct research or to undertake other tasks required of Université de Montreal professors. They do so as visiting professors, having been formally nominated pursuant to a due institutional process. The Dean’s office and the Associate Dean for Research are responsible for hosting visiting professors and for arranging their stay.

Professors wishing to undertake a research fellowship at the Faculty of Law may also propose that they take on teaching duties. Please note that, with the exception of some specific programs in which courses may be given in English, the language of instruction at the Faculty of Law is French. The terms of applicable collective agreements must also be taken into consideration.

For more information, please contact Ms. Lise Cummings at the Office of the Dean of the Faculty.