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Graduates First Ministers of Quebec

Faculty of Law: a breeding ground for Quebec Prime Ministers

Since it was founded in 1878, the Faculty of Law at the Université de Montréal has enjoyed exceptional fame thanks to the quality of its professors and its graduates. Simply browse the resumes of numerous luminaries in the Quebec political sphere for proof! The connection between politics and the law aren’t difficult to comprehend. In fact, studies in law are often a jumping off point for political careers. Some politicians have even maintained a career teaching law at the Faculty.

Complete text by Jean Hétu Ad. E., Full Professor (in French)

Here is a list of Prime Ministers of Quebec who graduated from the Faculty and the date they were sworn in.

Pierre-Joseph-Olivier Chauveau, professor

July 15th, 1867

Joseph-Adolphe Chapleau, professor

October 31st, 1879

Lomer Gouin, LL. B. 1884

March 23rd, 1905

Jean-Jacques Bertrand, LL. L. 1941

October 2nd, 1968

Jean-Guy Cardinal, LL. L. 1950

Interim December 11th, 1968

Robert Bourassa, LL. L. 1956

May 12th, 1970 and December 12th, 1985

Maurice L. Duplessis, LL. B. 1913

August 29th, 1936 and August 30th, 1944

Paul Sauvé, LL. B. 1930

September 11th,1959

Daniel Johnson (father), LL. B. 1940

June 16th, 1966

Pierre Marc Johnson, LL. L. 1970

October 3rd, 1985

Daniel Johnson (son), LL. L. 1966

January 11th, 1994

Bernard Landry, LL. L. 1963

March 8th, 2001