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Contribution de la Pre Miriam Cohen au nouvel ouvrage « Changing Actors in International Law »

La professeure Miriam Cohen a contribué un chapitre au nouvel ouvrage « Changing Actors in International Law » publié auprès de Brill | Nijhoff sous la direction de Karen N. Scott, Kathleen Claussen, Charles-Emmanuel Côté, and Atsuko Kanehara, p. 285–303.


« This book is a collection of essays based on papers that were presented at the Seventh Four Societies Conference hosted at Waseda University, Tokyo, on the 2nd and 3rd of June 2018, by the Japanese Society of International Law (jsil). The 2018 conference examined the changing roles of actors in international law and the impact of such dynamism on the international legal system. 

In Chapter 11 Miriam Cohen suggests that international law is currently evolving toward greater accountability of individuals perpetrating international crimes. She discusses the possibility of those individuals being held liable before domestic courts to make reparation for their internationally wrongful conduct. The starting point of her argument is that there is a limited duty of reparation already provided for by international criminal law. Cohen argues that the international legal personality of individuals is evolving and that this provides the context to expand their domestic criminal responsibility to cover civil responsibility for international crimes. She notes the challenges ahead in realizing this civil responsibility, in light of a series of cases brought before domestic courts. Among those are resistance by states, which still control the creation of international law, as well as finding an appropriate domestic court to hear a claim and to enforce a judgement. »

Miriam Cohen « Beyond the State: Individual Civil Responsibility for Violations of International Law », dans: Karen N. Scott, Kathleen Claussen, Charles-Emmanuel Côté, and Atsuko Kanehara (dir.), « Changing Actors in International Law » Brill | Nijhoff, 2020, p. 285-303.