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Law can take you anywhere; the possibilities are endless. The Professional Development Centre holds conferences hosted by legal professionals and employers to spotlight traditional and alternative careers. Social activities are also unique opportunities to meet representatives of law firms, companies, government agencies, and notaries in an informal, relaxed environment. Workshops will help you navigate cocktail receptions and interview meals, as well as personalize applications and maximize your chance for success when looking for a job or an internship.

The PDC offers:


Career guides

These documents contain practical information and advice that will help you find avenues for answers to identify and prepare the first steps of your legal career. They also offer advice to put together your applications and prepare interviews.

Career journals

The PDC also offers students the chance to consult career journals. They contain information on legal market trends and different sector activities. Plus, you will find information about recruiters and advice for getting your career off to a strong start.

Reference manuals

More than 100 books about legal careers and job searches are available to consult or borrow. You will find a complete list at your Professional Development Centre.

Social activities

The Dean’s dinner seminars

The Dean’s dinner seminars take place at the Club Universitaire de Montréal and are unique opportunities for students to meet representatives of law firms, companies, government agencies, and notaries, in an informal, relaxed atmosphere.

Alumni events

How do practice law in flexible, stimulating structures and untraditional fields? You can ask our young professionals all your questions during a relaxed, friendly cocktail reception.

The luncheon seminar in notarial law

Notaries are legal advisors, public officers, and issuers of documents who are valued for their preventive approach to disputes, focused on conciliation and alternative methods of conflict resolution. This activity offers you a chance to explore the profession by meeting notaries working in a range of sectors.

Speed networking

Speed networking is inspired by speed dating, which is designed to help you meet your soulmate. It was adapted to the business world and allows participants to quickly make a first contact during a social event. This activity gives you a chance to meet lawyers who work in a range of sectors. In a friendly, inspiring atmosphere, they will take you through ways to practice law.

Career Day

The highlight of Career Week, Career Day is held in January. It puts students in touch with employers from the legal world who are there to answer your questions about the race for internships and more and to distribute their corporate literature.

Mentoring days

Visits to law firms and government agencies in Montréal are available to students. These half days are a chance to familiarize yourself with the legal environment and the practice of law. Meet with lawyers, discuss a range of subjects, take guided tours, enjoy conferences over lunch or a cocktail reception.



Professional know-how

In the business world, image is important, because it is often what makes a first impression for a future employer or client. This workshop will help you navigate job interview meals, cocktails receptions, and meetings with your future colleagues to help project a professional image: get advice and tips.

Workshop on drafting a CV and cover letter

Your CV and cover letter are essential parts of your internship or job search. They often determine the employer’s first impression. This workshop will allow you to improve and personalize these documents to maximize your chances of success during your job search.

Editing a CV and cover letter

Working with recruitment experts, this activity is a chance to get your integration to the legal job market off to the right start by offering advice on how to present, structure, and standardize your CV.

Preparing for an interview

The interview is an important step in the selection process, and your success depends on the impression you make on an employer. It is essential to be well prepared. This workshop will offer advice and strategies to increase your chances of getting the job or internship you want.

Interview simulations

Working with recruitment experts, these interviews help you identify your strengths and weaknesses to prepare for interviews in your job or internship search. They are the best way to break the ice and alleviate your anxieties, big and small.


Traditional careers

The Professional Development Centre holds conferences hosted by legal professionals and employers to present different areas of the practice of law.

Alternative careers

Law can take you anywhere; the possibilities are endless. The goal of these information sessions is to spotlight other paths available so you can reflect on the range of career opportunities, including communication, management, administration, public relations, human resources, diplomacy... or even the arts.

Interpersonal skills

These are the skills that will allow you to work effectively and to establish good relationships with your clients and colleagues.

The race for internships

You will hear a lot about the recruitment process for interns at large firms, commonly called the race for internships (course aux stages). In fact, the majority of large and medium-sized law firms in Montréal and Québec have signed a recruitment agreement. Activities will be organized to prepare you for this process.

Paralegal positions

During this information session, the following bodies will be represented: the Supreme Court of Canada, the Court of Appeal of Quebec, the Tax Court of Canada, the Federal Court, and the Federal Court of Appeal. Procedures for recruiting interns will be explained. It is a unique opportunity to ask your questions of our guest judges.

Current events

Speakers will share their legal point of view on the highlights of current events.

Information booths

These booths will enable you to interact directly with employers. You will have the opportunity to meet recruiters and discuss with them in a friendly, relaxed manner in the corridor leading to the Acquis de droit café.

The PDC also offers:

International students welcome

This session is dynamic and friendly. The goal is to support international students, guide them, and foster their integration, so their time in the Faculty is a success, by offering them a stimulating, appealing environment.

Internships, jobs, and scholarships

Weekly email PDC newsletters list the most recent job and internship openings, as well as awards, competitions, and scholarships. They also announce upcoming Faculty of Law professional development activities. It is a good idea to consult them to explore all the career opportunities available to you.

One-on-one meetings

The Professional Development Centre coordinator is available by appointment to guide students in their professional orientation efforts. She offers advice and assistance to candidates who want to improve their CV and their cover letter. She also offers a wide range of tools to support your job or internship search.

Regular updates to the website

This is an indispensable tool where job and internship openings, awards, competitions, and scholarships are posted. Links will direct you to job market information, employer directories, and information about graduate studies outside Québec and summer schools, professional training, and associations. You can also register for activities or consult electronic versions of career guides. The website also publishes the PDC newsletter, the calendar, and details about all activities available to you.

  • Practical information
  • Advice and information to prepare the first steps in your legal career.
  • Tips for preparing applications and for interviews.

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