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A page in history with Alan B. Gold

LL.L. cum laude, 1941

Alan B. Gold (1917-2005)

Chief Justice of the Quebec Superior Court (1983-1992)

Called to the Quebec Bar in 1941 after he graduated from the Faculty, Alan B. Gold was a member of the Royal Canadian Artillery from 1942 to 1946. An eminent jurist specialized in labour relations, Gold was the Founding Director and Manager of the Legal Aid Bureau. From 1957 to 1971, he taught part-time at the Faculty of Law at McGill University. At the age of 44, he was appointed district judge for the Court of Quebec. He was appointed Chief Justice of the same court in 1970, and Chief Justice of the Superior Court in 1983.

Alan B. Gold Scholarship
Created in honour of the Honourable Alan B. Gold, this prestigious scholarship is awarded to deserving students who need financial assistance to complete their graduate studies.