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Observatoire du droit à la justice

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Established in 2005 and composed of a team of researchers and professionals representing a diverse cross-section of the law, the Observatory for Access to Law and Justice aims to achieve three main objectives:

  • To empirically document the current position insofar as justice in Quebec is concerned; 
  • To reflect on the general principles underlying access to justice; 
  • To propose effective and viable solutions to the contemporary issue of access to justice.

Through an increased understanding of the justice system by the public and the development of legal knowledge, the Observatory seeks to make the principles of justice more accessible by enhancing communication between those who practice law and those who may avail themselves of that expertise.

The members of the Observatory work to provide solutions to problems of justice while staying true to certain basic norms: proposed changes should take account of citizens' needs and be made within empirical perspectives that correspond to the everyday reality of courts and defendants. Similarly, these changes are to be considered within the context of concrete and clearly defined pilot projects, and must reflect a broad consensus among the legal community of the court in question. Finally, all projects are subject to a systematic evaluation with mechanisms for measuring results and preconditions for success.

The Observatory for Access to Law and Justice aims to provide guidance to the Quebec justice system.


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