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Portraits of professors

Harith Al-Dabbagh

Assistant Professor

Isabelle Duplessis

Full Professor, International Law on Women's Rights

Vincent Gautrais

CRDP’s Director, Full Professor, Law and Technologies

Marie Annik Grégoire

Associate Professor, Private Person Law, Law of Obligations and Contracts

France Houle

Associate Dean, Administration and Reform of Undergraduate Studies

Suzanne Lalonde

Full Professor, International Maritime Law

Jean Leclair

Full professor, Canadian Constitutional Law

Didier Lluelles

Full Professor

Michel Morin

Full Professor, Law History and Aboriginal People’s Rights

Catherine Piché

Associate Professor, Civil Evidence and Procedure, Complex Litigation, Comparative Law and International Private Law

Annick Provencher

Assistant professor, Tax law, Tax policies



Stéphane Rousseau

Associate Dean, Graduate Studies and Research

Alain Roy

Full Professor, Family, Child and Youth Law

Pierre Trudel

Full Professor, Media Law and Information Technology Law