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Emmanuelle Brault, LL.B. 2017

Herbert Marx Prize for Excellence in Legal Writing

  • Herbert Marx Prize for Excellence in Legal Writing
  • Grondin Savarese Scholarship in constitutional and administrative law
  • AED Scholarship recognizing a student’s sense of involvement

Emmanuelle Brault earned a bachelor’s degree in international relations and international law from UQAM and is now a third-year student in the LL.B. program.

“By awarding scholarships, donors highlight our commitment and provide us with financial assistance to dedicate ourselves to it. Thanks to the scholarships I received, I immersed myself in my role of student clinician at the Clinique juridique itinérante; I invested more time in the social-cultural committee of which I am treasurer; I worked on pro-bono projects; and, together with classmates, I organized the second edition of Tente juridique, a free legal information clinic for small communities. Those activities gave me opportunities to learn and grow. I want to thank the donors for making them possible.”