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Guy Azebové Tetang, Ph.D. student

Jacques Frémont Scholarship

“Recognized for its high potential in education and research, the Université de Montréal offers solid and highly competitive doctoral programs. For a doctoral student working on his thesis, nothing is timelier than being awarded a scholarship. With it comes gratitude. During my doctoral studies at the Faculty of Law, I was the lucky recipient of the Jacques Frémont Scholarship for the 2018 winter semester. This financial help at this precise point in my journey is precious, allowing me to approach the writing stage of my thesis with more serenity. I want to thank both the Faculty of Law at the UdeM and my generous benefactor.”

Under the supervision of Prof. Jean-François Gaudreault-DesBiens and Prof. Pierre Noreau, Mr. Guy Azebové Tetang’s research is on the circulation of constitutional models on the North-South axis, with a focus on Africa.