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Judith Lemieux (LL. B. 2016)

François-Michel-Proulx Memorial Prize

Raphaël H. Schachter, Q.C. Scholarship

Civic Engagement Scholarship (awarded by Université de Montréal SAEs)

Scholarship for Excellence in the First Year of Studies (Law Coop)

Association des diplômés en droit de l’Université de Montréal (ADDUM) Scholarship

LL. B. 2016

“The scholarships that I received during my Bachelor’s Degree in law gave me so much. In addition to alleviating the financial burden of studying and all the stress that goes along with that, these prizes also encouraged me to persevere and to devote myself fully to my academic career. They made it possible for me to reduce my work hours and, in doing so, invest more fully in student life, something that would have been impossible otherwise. Consequently, I had the opportunity to get involved in a variety of diverse and stimulating projects and to share my experience with peers. It goes without saying that they helped me maximize my experience at the Faculty of Law and I am infinitely grateful.”