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Master of Laws in Notarial Law (LL.M.)

Notarial law is an important section of the Faculty of Law. This discipline is supported by research work and the activities of the Chaire du notariat de l'Université de Montréal.

The program comprises 54 credits across 3 blocks: 36 mandatory credits, 6 applied mandatory credits and 12 credits for a specialized internship in a professional milieu.

Program structure (in French)

Executive Director - Master in Notarial Law : Thuy Nam Tran Tran

Apply for admission (in French)

Resource person

Thuy Nam Tran Tran

Thuy Nam Tran Tran

Executive Director - Master in Notarial Law

T.: 514 343-6111

ext. 51471

Thuy Nam Tran Tran

Office A-9448