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Chaire du notariat de l'Université de Montréal

Chaire de recherche philanthropique


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The mission of the Chair is to support the development and reputation of the notarial institution and profession.  Means employed to this end include undertaking studies, communicating information through a website, organizing conferences, awarding bursaries and promoting international exchanges. Researchers focus in their work on matrimonial property law, child law, co-ownership law, succession law, fiscal law, private international law and the Notarial Code of Professional Conduct.

To enhance the exchange of ideas and support scientific research, the Chair promotes the notarial profession and institution among students through its support of the legal aid clinic, which brings students into contact with certain aspects of notarial practice. The Chair contributes to the financial support of students through three prizes in recognition of excellence that are awarded to the students who obtain the highest marks in the Notarial Certificate, as well a scholarship awarded to a student holding a Notarial Certificate and who is embarking on a Master’s degree at the Université de Montréal. The Chair also holds two interuniversity legal writing competitions (aimed at undergraduate and graduate students) on a topic of interest in the notarial field.



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