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Une nouvelle publication pour le Pr Han-Ru Zhou

François Chevrette and Herbert Marx, Constitutional Law: Fundamental Principles – Notes and Cases (by Han-Ru Zhou, Thémis 2020)

In 1982, Professors François Chevrette and Herbert Marx published a monumental casebook, Droit constitutionnel: notes et jurisprudence, which still remains today a reference in Canadian law. More than three decades later, a new edition of the first part of the celebrated work, covering the fundamental principles of Canadian constitutional law, is finally available. In continuity with the original work by Professors Chevrette and Marx, this book is a complete revision of the 1982 edition, with a new series of research notes and a selection of landmark judgments rendered since the adoption of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
Translated from French by Mary Baker, Maya Grabianowska and Han-Ru Zhou


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