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Business Law in a Global Context

Destiné exclusivement aux étudiants étrangers, ce programme offre une formation avancée en droit nord-américain, en droit comparé et en droit international, et aborde la complexité croissante du droit  en contexte de mondialisation des rapports humains. Les étudiants qui complèteront ce programme avec succès auront acquis d’importantes capacités d’analyse et de recherche qui leur permettront d’envisager des carrières de pointe. Les cours de ce programme sont offerts en anglais seulement.

Sommaire et particularités (Guide d’admission et des programmes d'études)

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I maintain my candidature – CAD $1 000,00

You can make the payments by Certified cheque, money order or credit card.

In addition to the support provided by resource persons specifically assigned to the supervision of foreign students registered in the Master of Business Law in a Global Context, students have access to the services offered by the UdeM international:

The mandate of the UdeM international is to help foreign students integrate into the Université de Montréal and Québec society. Its services are useful during the students’ initial arrival, and also throughout their stay at the University. The UdeM international is the only place on campus where the staff’s attention is exclusively focused on the needs and requests of foreign students.

The UdeM international is also mandated to manage the files of foreign students in accordance with the regulations of Québec’s Ministry of Education. It is thus required to keep copies of students’ residency permits and visas, plus proof of valid health insurance. An incomplete file at the Bureau des étudiants internationaux means that a student ID card will not be issued or validated. Moreover, at the end of the first month of the term, the Bureau du registraire will cancel the registration of any student with an incomplete file at UdeM international.

UdeM international

North American Law Study Program

For more information, please visit this page.

Personnes ressources

Hugo Tremblay

Directeur du programme

Tél. : 514 343-2199

Hugo Tremblay

Bureau : A-8440

Martin Scully

Directeur - Gestion des programmes et des études

Tél. : (514) 343-2428

Martin Scully

Bureau : A-9468

Elitsa Nikolova

Elitsa Nikolova

Technicienne en coordination du travail de bureau

Tél. : (514) 343-6125

Elitsa Nikolova

Bureau : A-9438

Ingrid Marlène Rodriguez Santibanez

Technicienne en gestion des dossiers étudiants

Tél. : (514) 343-6111 x 4897

Ingrid Marlène Rodriguez Santibanez

Bureau : A-3440

Joindre UdeM International

UdeM International

Tél. : 514 343-6124


Questions d’ordre général

Procédure d’admission

Guide pour l’étudiante ou l’étudiant étranger qui souhaite entrer à l’UdeM

Guide UdeM International


Anelise Nigon, LL.M. 2009-2010


Drapeau France

“This program has been one of the best experiences I had, both professionally as well as culturally. Thanks to this LL.M., I have learnt to work with many legal concepts. After graduating in 2010, I did an internship in an international business law firm where I used the concepts and methods I learnt in the LL.M. on a daily basis.”