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Jocelyne Jarry, LL. B. 1979, LL. M. 2006

Matrimonial regimes, Physical persons and families

“I loved studying at the Faculty of Law, so it’s entirely natural that I came back in the 1980s as a lecturer, initially at the moot court school. Much later, I made the decision to pursue a Master’s degree, which, when combined with my many years of experience practising family law, helped me transition back to being a lecturer. Teaching is a wonderful way for me to share and transmit my passion for family law to the next generation of legal scholars, who will, I hope, inspire the major changes that our area of law greatly needs.”

Jocelyne Jarry has been practising family law since she was called to the Bar in 1980. She is a professor, has been a regular contributor to the École du Barreau du Québec for 25 years, written texts for the Collection de droit, and authored several publications, including “Guide sur le partage de la société d’acquêts“ and “Les conjoints de fait au Québec : vers un encadrement legale”. A conference presenter and coach, she is now legal counsel for questions relating to settlement of family property between spouses following a separation. She is also recognized by the courts as an expert in executing said settlements.