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Jeffrey A. Talpis


Professeur titulaire

Faculté de droit

Pavillon Maximilien-Caron office A-7470

514 343-7872


Jeffrey Talpis is a Full Professor, notary, arbitrator and mediator. He is a McGill University law graduate who also holds a Master’s Degree and a Doctorate in Law from Université de Montréal. Professor Talpis is a noted authority in the field of private international law. Since 1995, he has been cited in more than 200 decisions rendered in both Quebec and elsewhere in Canada and he has published in excess of 150 articles and books on nearly every aspect of private international law, notably in relation to family law, law of successions, matrimonial property law, law of sureties, law of contracts, fiduciary law, and on the avoidance of legal disputes.


Education Programs

  • Law
  • Law
  • Master of Laws in Comparative Common Law (LL.M.) – Law
  • Law


  • DRT3104 Droit international privé
  • DRT3204 Successions
  • DRT6308A Droit international privé
  • DRT6990 Droit comparé des successions


  • International law of successions: planning and litigation
  • Estates (succession) and trusts law
  • National and private international fiduciary law
  • Private international law pertaining to the protection of incapacitated persons
  • Property relations between spouses and other cohabitation models in private international law
  • Private international law pertaining to security rights
  • International commercial contracts
  • International litigation strategies in civil and commercial matters
  • Notarial law
  • International notarial law
  • Alternative methods for the resolution of international commercial disputes – NAFTA Committee 2022
  • International legal practice
  • Comparative law in matters of succession
  • Foreign matrimonial regimes

Student supervision Expand all Collapse all

Exécution au Québec de sûretés présentant des liens avec plus d'une juridiction canadienne dans le contexte d'une faillite Thèses et mémoires dirigés / 2007 - 2007
Graduate : Cyr, Jacques-Michel
Cycle : Master's
Grade : LL. M.
Les questions de compétence internationale des tribunaux québécois soulevées par le recours collectif multi-juridictionnel : pragmatisme ou cohérence théorique Thèses et mémoires dirigés / 2004 - 2004
Graduate : Duquette, Marc B.
Cycle : Master's
Grade : LL. M.
De la légitimité du recours à l'action déclaratoire dans les litiges du commerce international Thèses et mémoires dirigés / 2003 - 2003
Graduate : Tisserand, Sébastien
Cycle : Master's
Grade : LL. M.

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