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Experts in: Contracts

Grégoire, Marie Annik

GRÉGOIRE, Marie Annik

Professeure titulaire

  • Private rights of individuals (particularly contractual status of vulnerable persons, discrimination [including breast feeding], integrity, consent to care and custody, respect of privacy and reputation, seniors, inaptitude)
  • Law of obligations (general theory and foundations, good faith, contractual justice)
  • Contracts (residential rental agreements, indemnity bond, mortgages)

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Talpis, Jeffrey A.

TALPIS, Jeffrey A.

Professeur titulaire

  • International law of successions: planning and litigation
  • Estates (succession) and trusts law
  • National and private international fiduciary law
  • Private international law pertaining to the protection of incapacitated persons
  • Property relations between spouses and other cohabitation models in private international law
  • Private international law pertaining to security rights
  • International commercial contracts
  • International litigation strategies in civil and commercial matters
  • Notarial law
  • International notarial law
  • Alternative methods for the resolution of international commercial disputes – NAFTA Committee 2022
  • International legal practice
  • Comparative law in matters of succession
  • Foreign matrimonial regimes

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