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Portraits of students and doctorates

Keren Dayana Alvarado Granados, LL. B. 2012 (in Colombia)

Currently enrolled in the Master’s program in Business Law

Sara Annett (LL. B. 2017)

Candidate in the LL.B. program in Notarial Law

Andrée-Anne Bolduc

LL.D. candidate, Constitutional Law

Alexandre Csuzdi-Vallée (LL.B. 2017)

Enrolled in Juris Doctor (2017-18)

Sandra Daudelin

LL.D. candidate, Labour Law

Antoine Di Pietrantonio (LL.B. 2015-2018)

Vice-President of External Affairs for AED

Rime El Rhoul (Promotion 2017)

Student Prize for Social Engagement by the Canadian Bar Association

Mariam Hammodi

LL.B. candidate

Antoni Lahondès

Lecturer, Foundations of Laws

Sandrine Mainville

Bronze Medalist, Rio 2016 Olympic Games

Andréanne Malacket, LL. B. 2005, LL. M. 2011

LL.D. candidate, Family Law, Law of Succession, Human Rights

Kevin Moustapha

LL.D. candidate, Criminal Law



Adolpho Paiva Faria Netto

LL.D. candidate, Health Law

Mike Siméon

Bachelor of Laws and Master of Laws candidate, Business law

Ping Zhang

LL.D. candidate, Labour Law