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Centre de droit des affaires et du commerce international

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The Centre de droit des affaires et du commerce international (CDACI) is a keen observer of all major developments in business and international law. CDACI not only specializes in research in the fields of conflict resolution, economic analysis of law, securities law and electronic commerce law, but has now also broadened its sphere of interest to target three additional research orientations, namely:

  • Company and financial market governance
  • Law and international economic relations
  • Law and development

Located in Montreal’s financial district, CDACI also has a presence in the rest of the French-speaking world thanks to partnerships with French university research centres and a strong reputation in North Africa. It is currently working towards establishing new partnerships with Chinese and South American research centres.


Research Axes


  • Social Sciences and Humanities
  • Law
  • Administration and Management Sciences
  • North Africa
  • South America
  • France
  • China

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